This week’s local business spotlight is on Jason Medvec of The Devon Worley Band AND Big Wood Brewery. Medvec’s award winning beer is now a local favorite in Minnesota, and his White Bear Lake taproom has become a neighborhood hang out. Beer is definitely a passion for Medvec. One of two major passions in fact. The other major passion for this beer man is music. Turns out this boy could play the guitar.

At the young age of 18, when most high school post graduates are picking out a twin comforter for their dorm room and stressing about their class schedule, Medvec was stepping on a tour bus, leaving for an international tour with the Bay City Rollers. After three years, four continents and hundreds of shows later, Medvec came home. “I make beer and make music. N`ough said”, he added. Crafting beer and crafting music are very similar. They both take vision, passion and alcohol.” Medvec has much to be proud of in both endeavors. His beer has won multiple awards and his band has won two ICoMA awards for original country music since he joined. Perhaps he has the midas touch.