The Devon Worley Band was forged out of raw talent. Devon’s undeniable ability drew top-tier touring musicians to her side at a very early age. While every other teenage girl was hanging out at the mall snap chatting their boyfriends, Devon’s teenage years were spent paying dues, traveling with her band, and touring relentlessly across the heartland; playing just about every bar, fair and festival in the grain belt.

Now in her early 20’s, Devon Worley and her band have taken the Midwest music scene by storm and are garnering critical acclaim and national attention. Their latest full length album “The Sunrise Resistance” has caught the attention of not only country music fans nationwide, but also Nashville insiders eager to see more of the band’s no-rules writing style.

Riding their own raw edge of country and rock, this band is turning heads and making waves, while bringing a brand new attitude to country music. From their songwriting style to their studio recordings, the girl and her band are forging their own unique path. However, their true love is the stage. Their passion for the live show, the audience and their fans is evident; and their talent undeniable.

Catch a show, grab yourself a seat and get ready to be blown away. Welcome to the future.


At the young age of 18, when most high school post-graduates are picking out a twin comforter for their dorm room and stressing about their class schedule, Medvec was stepping on a tour bus, leaving for an international tour with the Bay City Rollers. While with the Rollers, Jason toured the US and Canada twice, played to stadium sized crowds in the UK and played 3000 – 5000 seat theaters in Australia. After three years, four continents and hundreds of shows later, Jason returned to the Twin Cities full of experience and tenacity earned on the road.

Today, that same tenacity keeps Jason intensely goal driven which is a key reason the Devon Worley Band continues to climb in stature; playing alongside some of the biggest country music stars of their time.  One of Jason’s passions is writing music and he has been a primary writer on all DWB music in the six years he’s been in the band.  Jason’s unique, fiery style is paramount to the Devon Worley Band sound.


Once upon a time at a bar called Toby Keith’s, this hard-hitting drummer got asked to judge a karaoke contest on a Wednesday night.  As fate would have it, a local up and comer named Devon Worley was asked to judge as well and the two struck up a friendship.  After many months and several unexpected turn of events, Grant ended up joining her band as the thunderous backbone of the multi-talented Devon Worley Band.

After playing for the prestigious University of Minnesota’s marching band, Grant continued playing in the Minneapolis scene with acts such as Shane Wyatt, the Hillbilly Mafia and the Minneapolis legendary Dirt Road Prophets.  Grant’s experience was well honed before joining DWB and his groove and pocket, writing and arrangement experience became invaluable. He is the second half of DWB’s notorious Shake and Bake Rhythm Section and the final puzzle piece for the bands ascent to the top.