Devon Worley Band

Record Details

Country Rock

Record Tracklist

  1. -:-- / 3:57
  2. -:-- / 3:52
  3. -:-- / 2:58
  4. -:-- / 3:43
  5. -:-- / 3:21

“Kick-assery with the most sophisticated vocals. Mature beyond words; and craft that belongs in an Oscar-Winning Movie Score.” redcarpetliving.com

“This one is one of the best we had so far! 5 bullets EP, “Teatime For Thieves”, that is going straight to the favorite playlists of all rockers out there!” planetsinger.net

“Truth is, all of ’em together can effortlessly pivot to bust or blend genres in what is almost a sleight of hand, they do it so seamlessly.” urbflash.com

“a flawless EP that demonstrates how the band has come together in such a short period of time to create timeless piece of music.” music-trails.com

“when the album is over, they’ll remember the name “Devon Worley Band”, and for good reason.” skopemag.com