Devon Worley Band

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Country - Rock

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The Devon Worley Band’s second full-length album, The Sunrise Resistance was written and performed entirely by Worley and her band, and produced by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer, Matt McClure (Lee Brice, Kelly Pickler), the album is full of the unexpected. Worley describes the band’s signature sound as “if Led Zeppelin and Willie Nelson had a baby and that baby’s best friend was Eric Church (laughs). Some say it’s like we’re creating a whole new genre” she added.

The Sunrise Resistance was tracked by the band at the iconic Pachyderm Studio (Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Live, The Jayhawks, Trampled By Turtles) in Canon Falls, MN, with additional overdubs, mixing and mastering performed at The Roost: McClure’s Nashville, TN studio.

Producer Matt McClure commented on the uniqueness of the project. “With this project I really had to think out of the box because what Devon and her band are doing is much different than what I typically produce. It took me out of my comfort zone and that was a good thing. In the end I think we did something great. It’s truly a fantastic album.”

The Sunrise Resistance is the Devon Worley Band’s first full-length album since the critically acclaimed, ICMA award winning Silver Creek (2013.)